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Field Erected Industrial & Packaged Cooling Tower

Field Erected Cooling Tower Supply

Tailor-made engineered cooling tower per client’s specifications and special requirements, in-built with advanced technologies on thermal dynamic, civil engineering, hydraulic, noises & etc.


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Packaged Cooling Tower Supply

A range of CTI certified, packaged & modular design that come in both crossflow and counterflow variations with different configurations to cater the cooling demands for HVAC application.


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Field Erected Industrial & Packaged Cooling Tower

After-Market Services

Provides repair or performance enhancement to existing towers and reconstruct old towers with new design and material. Turnkey on site is available too.


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Thermal Perfomance Test

Perform verification, old tower diagnoses and thermal performance test per CTI standard.

Field Erected Industrial & Packaged Cooling Tower

Integrated Engineering Services

A professional team incorporated with civil, thermal, hydraulic expertise to provide solutions according to client’s need and to apply the advanced technologies into product and process solution.