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Seagull Cooling Technologies (Asia Pacific) Sdn. Bhd. is formed by Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co., Ltd, the trusted global cooling tower manufacturer with expertise. Seagull Cooling Technologies, a one stop cooling solution provider for three established brands in  cooling tower market – Seagull, Techgo & Truwater. We focus our businesses into three fundamentals, namely Field Erected Cooling, Packaged Cooling & After Market Services accordingly.

Seagull, grown by international expansion, is currently based in Malaysia to serve as the international hub for Asia Pacific businesses. With our aim to reach globally and offer local commitment, we made our presence known by setting up overseas subsidiaries in Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea. This proximity allows us to better understand the local customer’s needs and tailor the best fit solutions.

Today, with many years’ experience in the cooling tower industry, we are dedicated to deliver the  highest quality products and offer the best cooling solutions to customer worldwide with our global resources that meet a multitude of international and local standards. Last but not least, we constantly improving and providing state of the art solutions to your needs.

ISO Certified Company

Seagull is a company with ISO certifications which commit to deliver highest quality products, services and support to meet client’s needs and demands.

We are one of the Biggest Cooling Tower Suppliers Worldwide

Successfully built more than


of cooling tower around the world

Supplied more than


of cooling tower every year

Supplied water flowrate of more than


every year

Brands on the move


field-erected cooling tower

Cooling tower , related water treatment & after-market services for all, mainly semi-conductor industry.

CTI certified, packaged and modular